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Sansevieria Snake Plant

Sansevieria Snake Plant

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Bring life to your home with the Sansevieria Snake Plant. This easy-care houseplant is great for all levels of gardeners and loves when you (almost) forget about it. The Snake Plant prefers medium indirect light and only needs to be watered when the soil is dry. Not only will its vibrant green leaves add a touch of color to any space, the Snake Plant is also a natural air purifier, eliminating pollutants and freshening up the air quality!

Care Instructions

Water every 1 to 4 weeks or whenever the soil is dry.

Saturate the soil fully with water, and either let the excess drain out before placing the plant back in its pot, or water straight into the pot, giving the plant about 1/3 total capacity in water.

Keep in well lit room with medium to bright filtered light.
This plant can also thrive in low light if required.

Feed you plant good quality indoor plant food once every 3-4 weeks in Spring/Summer, and once every few months in Autumn/Winter.

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