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Olive Tree 'olea europaea'

Olive Tree 'olea europaea'

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Although the fiddle leaf fig has remained the most popular indoor plant for years, the olive tree 'olea europaea' is currently the new indoor species making waves. You may have seen these stylish trees  appeariing in your social feed or at your favourite nurseries. Olive trees are a versatile plant and will aesthetically suit a variety of home design styles, from classic Victorian to contemporary minimalist, with their delicate branches and sage-colored leaves. Having an indoor olive tree adds a refined touch to your interior design, akin to having a little piece of Tuscany right in your own house.

Care Instructions

Water every 1 to 2 weeks or whenever the top 2 inches of the soil are dry.

Saturate the soil fully with water, and either let the excess drain out before placing the plant back in its decorative pot, or water straight into the pot, giving the plant about 1/3 total capacity in water.

Keep Outside or in well lit room with bright filtered light.

Feed you plant good quality indoor plant food once every 3-4 weeks in Spring/Summer, and once every few months in Autumn/Winter.

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