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White Oil

White Oil

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White Oil is the perfect solution for protecting your indoor plants and keeping them looking their best. It's mineral oil based formula not only adds a lustrous shine to your plants, but also effectively keeps bugs and pests away including; Aphids, Mealy Bugs, Red and White Wax & Scale, Sooty Mould, Spider Mites + More.

For use on both indoor & Outdoor Plants! 

Care Instructions

The best conditions for applying white oil are when it is dry, cool, and not windy.
Hold the can 30cm away from the plant and apply generously in sweeping motions.

For shining purposes apply the spray to the tops of the leaves only. Wipe/buff the spray with a microfibre or cotton cloth after 10 mins.

For bug repelling purposes apply the spray more liberally to all surfaces including stems and soil. Leave the spray on the plant and repeat steps a week later if insects persist.

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