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Carnivorous Fly Eater

Carnivorous Fly Eater

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The Carnivorous Fly Eater is an intriguing and unusual indoor plant, designed to capture and eat flies and wasps. With its distinctive tulip-like mouth, the plant will trap small insects and feed itself by digesting the creature and absorbing its nutrients! This Carnivorous plant thrives in a humid environment, and makes an exciting addition to your greenhouse or houseplant collection. 

Care Instructions

Water 1-2 times weekly. Maintaining moist or slightly wet soil. This plant loves humidity and naturally thrives in mossy bogs in the wild.

Saturate the soil fully with water, giving the plant about 1/3 total volume capacity in water.

Keep in well lit room with medium to bright filtered light.

Feed you plant good quality indoor plant food once every 3-4 weeks in Spring/Summer, and once every few months in Autumn/Winter.

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