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Aroid Potting Mix

Aroid Potting Mix

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Get your plants off to a great start with the Aroid Mix! Our balanced blend of ingredients provide optimal drainage, strong root growth, and water retention, plus a slow-release fertilizer for an extra boost. 15L bag is perfect for 'crazy plant people' who need to repot a lot of plants in one go and it's pH level of 5.5-7.0 ensures the best growth! Get ready for lush, vibrant greens!

Experience the perfect blend of soil and nutrients with our Aroid Mix potting mix! Specially formulated with slow-release fertiliser, this 15L bag of quality mix will help your plants grow strong and healthy roots. With an optimal pH level of 5.5-7.0, you'll be able to repot with ease – giving your plants the perfect environment to thrive!

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